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  Mega Man X6 [cheats]
Get X's Ultimate armor and Zero's Black armor

At the title screen, input the following codes to get the hidden armor. You can only get one of them at a time though:

Get Black armor for Zero - [S], [S], [S], [B]
Get Ultimate Armor for X - [Left], [Left], [Left], [Right]

Nightmare Zero
Press SSSB at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Start a new game. When you rescue Zero after defeating him in battle, you will play as the Nightmare version of Zero. Nightmare Zero has all of Zero's normal moves, but he is much more powerful.

Find Zero with the teleporters and fight him. He will join you after he is defeated.

Easy attack with Zero
Press [Attack] and [Dash] continuously with Zero.

Zero's best attacks
After gaining the Fire attack for Zero, just attack as you normally would except tap his slash attack two times and on the third time use his Fire attack.

Slash combo with X
This trick can be done with any of X's armors except the Shadow Armor. Go to the controller configuration screen and turn on the "Auto-Fire" feature. Play the game normally. Whenever you want to make slashing combos, make sure you are not directly next to a wall and have a comfortable position for [Dash]. Hold [Slash] as soon as the saber touches the ground, but before it starts to get small, press [Dash]. This will cancel the slash and start a new one. You can use this technique to perform slash combos similar to Zero's from Megaman X4 and Megaman X5.

Nightmare effects
Each effect is neutralized in almost in all cases by the same weapon it comes from. In the case of the raining magma, blow it up with ShouenZan or Magma Blade. For iced floors, use Hyoroga/Ice Burst. For gnats, use Yammark Option. For iron blocks, use Metal Anchor/Rakukojin. For soul spirits, use Laser Shield. Finally, red crates can be blown up with SentsuiZan/Ground Dash; black and blue ones can be moved with the same weapon. The rain and the spotlights cannot be neutralized.

Amazon Area, Laser Institute: Metallic gnats (very pesky)
Amazon Area, Magma Area: Metallic gnats
Inami Temple, Amazon Area: Normal rain (slows you down)
Inami Temple, Central Museum: Normal rain
Magma Area, North Pole Area: Magma rain. Also, some walls break an allow access to secret area.
Magma Area, Weapon Center: Magma rain.
Weapon Center, Amazon Area: Spotlights (dispiriting and very difficult to maneuver with)
Weapon Center, Inami Temple: Spotlights
Laser Institute, North Pole Area: Soul spirits (attacking soul clones of Zero/X, respectively)
Laser Institute, Inami Temple: Soul spirits
North Pole Area, Recycle Lab: Iced floors
Recycle Lab, Magma Area: Iron blocks
Recycle Lab, Weapon Center: Iron blocks
Recycle Lab, Central Museum: Iron blocks
Central Museum, Recycle Lab: Red, blue and black crates
Central Museum, Laser Institute: Red, blue and black crates

Blade Armor
A nice armor featuring a Giga Attack that is similar to Zero's Triple Z Strike (in which he shoots two buster shots, then shoots blades from his saber). Its charged shot has limited plasma capabilities and will sometimes leave behind its power to damage an enemy. Its charged shot is not very powerful. There are four pieces to this armor, which are found in capsules scattered throughout the game. You have enhanced dash abilities and the ability to freeze in midair and dash straight up, straight down, the left, or the right depending on the direction you hold. This dash is known as Mach Dash.

Helmet: At the Central Museum. Enter the totem poles and search thoroughly through each one. The armor, however, is usually in the final totem pole.
Armor: Go to the Laser Institute. Go to the room with many mirrors required to reflect the lasers to hit the door at the end. There will be a door in the floor near the end. Angle the mirrors so that they hit the door opener in the ground (the very last mirror must be horizontal). Drop down the hole. Jump against the left wall and hold [Left] until you fall through part of it. The capsule is within sight.
X Buster: Go to the Weapons Center and defeat the giant Reploid Ilumina. Enter the portal that appears and walk left instead of right. The capsule is very close from where you appear after entering the portal, just placed out of sight by the clever game design.
Boots: Go to the Amazon Stage. At the bottom of the first cliff you fall off from will be a Praying Mantis Mechaniloid. Destroy it and walk into the passage behind it. The capsule will be in there.

Falcon Armor
X will begin with this armor normally. The armor will be available from the start of the game. Its buster features a piercing shot and a powerful Giga attack, known as Giga Rain. The armor is faulty, and you cannot perform the Invincible Flight power from Megaman X5 (which allowed X to fly for ten seconds). You can still perform the Air Dash though.

Its special attack is a fully charged X-Buster blast that falls all over the screen.

Shadow Armor parts and locations

The armor pieces can be found in the following locations.

Body: In Rainy Turtloid's stage, when you get to the inside of the tree trunk, there are five narrow passages with spikes on the ceiling and floor. Three are on the left side and two are on the right side. The upper right passage leads to the Shadow Armor body program. You will need the Blade Armor and use the Mach Dash to get through the narrow passageway. Make sure to release [Right] or you will walk into the second set of spikes. Repeat this to go through the second set of spikes.
Leg: You find this in Blizzard Wolfang's stage. Shortly, after passing the area with vertical avalanches and pillars of ice you have to stand on, you will reach a downward slope to a ladder. Above the ladder is a ledge. Zero can double jump to that ledge. X with the Blade Armor can Mach Dash straight up and land on the ledge.
Arms: You find this in Blaze Heatnix's stage. After the second mini-Boss Donut Mechaniloid, you will get to a vertical area with an upper and lower door. You will notice the ceiling is quite high above the upper door.
Head: If you have not come from Metal Shark Player's stage, you will need the Blade Armor's Mach Dash ability to get to the armor capsule. You must climb either the left or right side of the vertical chamber. Once you see the left or right ledges, dash jump off the wall, then Mach Dash upwards and land on the ledge. Continue to climb up, and you will see the capsule.

There is another way to get the body part of the Shadow Armor in Rainy Turtloid's stage. Before going to Rainy Turtloid's stage, go to the "Parts" section of the stage selection menu and equip the Hyperdash and D-Barrier parts on X. Go to Rainy Turtloid's stage with the Falcon Armor. Enter the tree trunk and find the upper-right passage. Instead of trying to dash in the air to get through the set of spikes, go back to the ledge. Then, wait until one of the many bats with bombs follow you. Make sure you get hit by it directly in front of the spikes. After you are hit you will have about four or five seconds before you stop flashing (are invincible), dash rapidly forward. You will first see a Reploid that needs to be rescued. Either rescue her and die, or keep going and find the armor capsule. It is recommended that you wait to rescue her until you get the Shadow Armor, as it makes you invulnerable to spikes.

Use the following trick if you are playing the game completely with Zero and do not want to use X to get the Shadow Armor Part in Rainy Turtloid's stage. When you go up to the uppermost passage on the right, you will read Alia's message. She tells you that only X can get through. This is not true. Instead of dashing in the air, go to back to the ledge until one of the many bats comes after you. When it does, have it damage you directly in front of the spike passage. Immediately when you start flashing (and are invulnerable), dash to get through the first set of spikes, and on the second set of spikes Air Dash. The Air Dash part is the most difficult in the process. Practice before trying the actual thing is recommended. If you make it through, to get out you must kill yourself or quit if you already cleared the stage.

X's armor
Use the following trick to obtain all of X's armor. Start the game with X's Ultimate armor then collect the parts to the Blade and Shadow armor and defeat Nightmare Zero. By his time you should have all X's armor plus Zero. If you start the game with the Ultimate Armor you will immediately have the degraded Falcon armor and X with no armor which are both not recommended for use.

Easy Shadow Head capsule
As Zero, equip Jumper and go to Blaze Heatnix's area. Defeat the first two "donut" Mechaniloids (use Rekkoha) and go through the door. Above youa re three platforms. Jump to the highest one. You will see a door. Wall jump to the top of the wall opposite the door. You should see a Nightmare, Injured Reploid, and a Heart Tank. Keep at the top of the wall until the Nightmare comes toward you and kill it. Then, slide down the wall a bit and double jump to the platform. Climb upwards until you reach the capsule.

Easy Nightmare Soul gain
After defeating all eight Mavericks, go to a stage that you can get to the teleporter fairly quickly and easily (such as Infinity Mijinion). Get to the Boss (not the main one, the one where you fight Zero or High Max). You should find Dynamo there. Get next to him and use the Meteor Rain attack (Ensuizan for Zero) twice. Dynamo should drop a Nightmare Orb worth 200 Souls. You can make him do this three times before he goes away for a total of 600 Souls. You can do this as many times as you needed.

Defeating Blaze Heatnix
Immediately as the battle starts, magma flows up from the bottom of the screen. Find a ledge. After you hit Blaze Heatnix a few times, the lava recedes and comes down from the top of the screen. You now have the little space below the ledges; so use Meteor Rain to kill Blaze Heatnix quickly.

Defeating Gate
Use the Magma Sword on Gate when he throws his spheres. Hit the spheres so that they explode and turn into smaller spheres. They will hit him back.

Note: To reach Gate, defeat all eight bosses, or enable the "X's Ultimate Armor" code and defeat him the first time you fight him after the Crazy Maverick. Whenever you defeat High Max, Gates stage will automatically be open. The best way to pass the spikes at the start of Gate's level is to use the Zero or the Shadow Armor. When in the second area in which magma apperas from the bottom of the screen, run under the opening in the ceiling and use Hydroga with Zero or the Shadow Armor. When you are by the wall, grab it and climb. The Gate Sub Boss #1 is weak against Metal Anchor and Giga Attacks. If you can get X up to him, use the "Storm Eagle" trick for heavy damage.

As Zero, equip D. Barrier, Jumper and Full Recover. Then, fill your Subtanks. Then, when you get to Gate, stand on a platform until Gate moves toward you. Next, Dash Jump to another platform. When he shoots spheres, try to destroy them. They will break into six pieces and hurt Gate. As soon as you get his health low, he will slash the platforms near you. Dash Jump away every time he gets near you. Note: When he throws spheres on you, use Ensuizan to destroy them.

As X (Falcon, Blade or Ultimate), equip D. Barrier, Jumper and Full Recover and fill your Subtanks. When you get to Gate, stand on a platform, then Dash Jump to another when Gate moves toward you. When he throws his spheres, use Magma Blade to destroy them. Do not charge the Magma Blade. They will break into six spheres that hurt Gate.

Defeating the Giant Maverick
For the first battery. equip AutoCharge, then dodge until you are fully charged. When fully charged, shoot the little red gem. On the way to the second battery, a tracking system targets you. If it locks on, wait until it shoots, then jump. For the second battery, use the same tactics as done against the first, except there are lasers that shoot at you from the side walls, and the targeting system is still activated.

Defeating High Max
After getting Zero, go through the teleporters and find High Max with Zero. Make sure to have both Sub-tanks full before facing him. Use the Sharks weapon with Zero. Take your time facing him -- it takes awhile to figure out his attacks and how to get close to him.

The following trick requires the Ultimate Armor and Zero in your party. Charge up Ultimate Armor X's Buster and fire it at High Max while he is blinking. Then, immediately use the Giga Crush on him. Three or four hits are required to kill him. When you win, you can skip all the Bosses and go directly to Gate's level.

After acquiring Zero, choose the Falcon Armor at the character selection screen. Go to the teleporters to High Max. Before he fires the three waves of energy balls, hit him with a fully charged Buster Shot. This will make him vulnerable. Afterwards, hit him with any special weapon (they take off the same amount of damage on him). After you hit him, he will either chase you with a shield on or fire a huge ball. To dodge the shield chase, just duck. To dodge the ball, jump on the wall and over it or him. Repeat these steps until High Max is defeated. You do not need to find all of Dr. Light's armor parts to defeat him. After you win, an intermission sequence will begin and you will have access to a new level, the Secret Laboratory..

To defeat High Max with the Shadow Armor, get close to him and hit him with a charged attack. This makes defeating High Max in the final level fairly easy, and any other time you face him.

After you rescue Zero, go to any stage. Infinity Mijion's stage is recommended because it is short. Go into the portal and fight High Max at the end. To defeat him, you must have at least one special ability. Attack High Max with the X Buster and use any special ability on him. When he goes to the center of the room, use the special ability. You do not need to hit him with a charged up shot. Once you defeat him, you can skip all the Bosses and go to Gates Laboratory. Also, if you go back to the portal, you can fight Dynamo. Dynamo has two forms. In the first stage he uses a whip. He can twirl it around and throw it at you, but he should not be too difficult. His next stage is difficult. He still has his purple whip, but now has a new attack. He slams his fist in the ground and beams appear from it. You must think about where the beam will appear and dodge it. With practice you will avoid it with no problems.

Defeating Infinity Mijinion
Note: Zero is required. First, destroy the doors that power Illumina. Then when the crystal appears, keep running to the right. You will reach Infinity Mijinion's Boss doors. Then, just use Zero's Z Blaster until Mijinion has been defeated.

Defeating Rainy Turtloid
Equip the Blade Armor and Ultimate Buster part. Fire the Ice Weapon and Mach-Dash up. You will fire icicles and one will hit Turtloid in the head, freezing him and causing heavy damage. The fully-charged ice weapon is Turtloid's only weakness; the Ultimate Buster, which fires all fully-charged shots, makes this a lot easier. if you do not have it, use Quick-Charge instead.

Defeating Shield Sheldon
Note: This only requires Zero to be used in the level. Once you meet Shield Sheldon, dash to him. If he teleports to one side of the arena, get as close as possible to him before he throws his shells. Duck from the first one. When it passes you, run up to Sheldon and slash him with the saber combo to do serious damage. Then, avoid the shells as they appear and prepare to fight again. If he teleports to the top of the screen and goes into his shell, dash to the right or left of him and wait for him to hit the floor. Then, dash to the other side of the room. He will end up throwing shells at you very soon. After you hurt him enough, he will shield himself from all sides and charge at you. Slash Sheldon and a shield or two at the same time with a normal combo. Note: If he is not floating at you, then you have a problem. This should kill him by now. If he is still alive, he will split his shells up to the four corners of the screen. Then, he will fly out of them and go into another one. Move to the center of the floor, between the bottom two shells. Wait for him to fly out of one of the shells at you. Then, jump over him and shoot him as he flies away. Repeat each technique for each attack, and you should not have any problems. Note: When he does not have the shells on him, try to combo him repeatedly.

Defeating Zero
The Z Saber that you are given as a secondary weapon is his weakness. Zero's special attacks will be neutralized and he fades out and reappears on the other side of the screen.

Defeating Bosses

Use the following weapons.

Commander Yammark: Ray Arrow
Ground Scaravich: Yammark
Blaze Hentnix: Ground Dash
Blizzard Wolfang: Magma Blade
Rainy Turtoid: Ice Burst
Metal Shark Player: Meteor Raiin
Shield Shelden: Metal Anchor
Infinity Mijinion: Guard Shell
Dynamo: Meteor Rain
High Max: Magma Blade
Gate Boss 1: Metal Anchor
High Max: Magma Blade
Gate: Invinsible Dash or Shadow Armor Giga Attack
Sigma 1: Metal Anchor
Sigma 2: Ground Dash

To easily defeat any Boss or mini-Boss, enable the "X's Ultimate Armor" code. Get to the Boss and use Giga Attack two or three times. Also, use this strategy to defeat High Max. Hit him with a charge shot while he is flashing, then immediately use Giga Attack on him. Do this three or four times to kill him.

Dynamo appearance
In any level after defeating Nightmare Zero and High Max, enter the warp light (capsule shaped light) to their area. Enter the Boss area and Dynamo from Mega Man X5 should appear to battle you.

Storm Eagle appearance
Play as X, and charge up the Metal Anchor all the way. When released, a metallic version of Storm Eagle from Megaman X1 will rain down on your enemies.

Sting Chameleon appearance
When fighting Metal Shark Player as Zero, he will use a move and Sting Chameleon from Megaman X1 will appear and attack.

Magna Centipede appearance
When fighting Metal Shark Player, he will sometimes call Magna Centipide from Megaman X2.

Blast Hornett
When fighting Metal Shark Player, he resurrects Reploids from previous MegaMan X games to help him. He will rarely call up Blast Hornett from Megaman X3. Blast Hornett fires a large wave of mechanoid hornets at your character when he is summoned. After a few waves he will disappear.

Getting the Shadow Armor's Body
When trying to get into the part with all the spikes, jump then wait until you are in between the top and bottom rows of spikes to use the Mach Dash. You should use X to do the Mach Dash after jumping and release all buttons at the time so you do not hit the second row of spikes. After making past the first row, rescue the Reploid and repeat the procedure for the next row of spikes. Do the same thing to get out.

Transporter to High Max/Dynamo in the Inami Temple
In the tree, there are passages with spikes. There are three on the right, and two on the left. Go to bottom one on the left and do the Mach Dash (Invisible Dash for X's Ultimate Armor) and you will fly into it.

Getting Shadow Armor part in the Inami Temple
While getting the part to the Shadow Armor in Inami Temple, while at the spikes use Ultimate X Jump and Dash as quick as possible.

Virus advantages
When playing as X, if you get hit by the Sigma Viruses you obviously will lose health. However, when playing Zero, he will gain full health if this happens. This is very useful when running very low on health when playing Zero.

Super high jump
While you are using the Shadow Armor or have the Ice Attack with Zero, hold [Up] and press [Jump] while you are dashing. You will do the normal high jump, but you will be dashing as in a Dash Jump.

In the Amazon area with Zero and the special attack Ensuizan, get on top of one of the Transporter Reploids. Perform the special attack. If done correctly, you will be invincible throughout the rest of the level and be able to walk on spikes, as long as you do not die by falling of a cliff.

Alternate purple doors entrances
If you approach purple doors differently, your character might enter differently and do poses. For example, if you continuously shoot peewee shots while approaching a purple door (still shooting when you enter), you will walk in with your gun raised and aimed forward. If you slide down a wall into a purple door, your character will turn around and slide (on nothing) into the next room. Dashing will also result in an alternative entrance.

Stop roof from lowering in Metal Shark's stage
You can stop the lowering roof by getting the big robot and walking through the level. At one point you will see a large garbage pile. It is the tallest one. Jump up there and get out of the robot. The roof will only go down until it hits the robot, and you can easily make it to the lower area.

Blue portals
At some areas, you will see a blue warp portal. Go inside to unlock many things in game. The first time is where you meet Nightmare Zero; it unlocks Zero as a player. The second time is where you meet High Max again; it auto unlocks the Gate stage. The third and many times afterwards is where you meet Dyamo from Megaman X5, as you would always meet him if you still go in the blue portal.

Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 reference
In the last battle with Sigma, the music is a combination from the final Sigma battles in Mega Man X and Mega Man X2.

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