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  Super Smash Brothers [N64]
999% damage
Go to training mode, select Mario, go next to the opponent, select 6 green shells and press B Down and the enemy will go to 999% damage!

Old Super Mario:
This opens up a bonus level just above the 'random' stage select in multi-player mode (complete with the old SMB soundtrack too!). Have player one be Mario, and player two be DK. Fight eachother in DK's jungle stage. Have DK win. This should open up the new stage. Also reported as you have to beat the game with every character including the secret ones

Extra Points:
The way to get extra points is to first get to the boss..then (if you can) beat him within 1:00 minit and you should get 40,000 points.......

Easy Pokemon win:
First start a battle with someone. Find a pokeball and throw it below you. Quickly push R so you can grab the opponent but hold it. Pokemon will come out. Hopefully it will be Meowth, koffing, charizard, or blastiose. If its one of these your in luck because while your holding your opponent the pokemon will be attacking the enemy, but the enemy can't do anything.

Samus without Her Armor:
First unlock Ness, then select versus mode and choose Samus as your opponent. This trick is easier if Samus is set as a human controlled player, so she stands still. Next, go to any place(preferably the ship) and fire the PK thunder at yourself so Ness slides into Samus. Then right as Ness hits her, pause the game. If done correctly Samus will no longer be wearing her suit.

Evil Ness:
Beat the game on "Very Hard" with Ness with only one life, and ness's face on the character select screen should become dark and have devious eyes(This might work with other characters).

Evil Link:
Beat the "Very Hard" level with only 1 life and Link will become evil looking. Pointed eyebrows and a sinister look.

Kirby's Power Loss:
Everybody knows that Kirby can swallow his opponents and take on some of their powers in this game, but what if you accidentally "ate" a character you didn't want -- and you want to pursue someone else? Simple: Just press the L Button to pull of Kirby's "Hello!" taunt and he will discard whatever power he took on.

Play as Jigglypuff (Purin):
Beat the game with any character on any difficulty and number of lives. Then beat Jigglypuff.

Play as Captain Falcon:
Beat the game in 20 minutes. Then beat Captain Falcon.

Play as Ness from Earthbound:
Beat the game on normal difficulty and with three lives. Then beat Ness.

Play as Luigi:
Complete Break The Target with the eight original characters and one bonus character. Then beat Luigi.

Sound test:
Complete Bonus Games 1 and 2 with all characters, including the secret ones.

Alternate costumes:
At the character selection screen, press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down.

Change Outfits:
You can change your characters' outfits by tapping the four C Buttons at the character select screen.

Mew in Pokeballs:
Unlock all four bonus characters.

Item menu (VS mode):
Play VS mode 50 times.

Classic Mushroom stage (VS mode):
Beat the game with all the original characters.

Get Raichu:
To get Raichu (the evolved form of Pikachu), beat the game on all skill levels with one life in your stock, after that, go to the character select screen and press up and start after you have selected him. Also, if you turn off your system and do not have an expansion pack, you must redo the trick. If you do have an expansion pack, the game will not delete him.

Brutal Death:
The following must be used to do this:
1. A pokeball (will work with Charizard, Maybe others)
2. A green shell
3. Link's stage's Tornado
4. Two player works best

Place the green shell near a place where a tornado will appear. Pick up a pokeball.When your opponet comes up,throw the pokeball behind the green shell.If it's charizard,it'll hurt your opponet and send the green shell into your friend.If a tornado appears and your friend gets caught while being hurt, It'll throw him out of the stadium.

Bonus Practice #1, Break The Targets:
When playing as Yoshi, to get the target on the far right, use the Mega Headbutt (Left or Right + A) next to the side of the target hill.

Bonus Practice #2, Board The Platforms:
Use the following strategy when playing as Jigglypuff/Purin on the last platform. Since Jigglypuff does not have an extra jump (Up + B), run and jump from the edge then press B. Repeat this until reaching the platform. Pace your jumps so he can go farther. Practice this on the "walk on water platform".

Borrow a life:
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press Start if you lose a life to take a life from your partner, if he or she has more than one remaining. Alternatively, press A + B + Z + Start.

Control credits screen:
Press one of the following buttons during the credits. Press Analog-stick to change the angle and move the target. Press Start + A to scroll faster, or to return to normal speed. Select a name with the target and press A to view details about their work in the game. Press B to pause or resume the scrolling.

Hold Z or R (block) until your character explodes.

F-Zero X track:
If you get a total score of more than 1 200 000 you get the special F-Zero X race track. Were you can fight and dodge the cars at the same time.

Suicide kill:
Donkey Kong has the ability to pick up barrels and walk around with them for a short time, well, he can do the same with players, get near the edge as DK, and press grab once, if you press it too many times you will pick up the character and throw him immediately, you don't want this, wait a second and move to the left and right until DK places the character on his back, once DK has the enemy on his back run and jump off the edge immediately, if done correctly, you, and your enemy will not be able to get back up before DK is forced to throw the enemy, you will have successfully sealed both of your fates. If you really know what your doing, you might be able to jump at the last moment just enough to make your enemy go down first, you thus win the match if he was on his last life. Kirby can do something similar, his main grab shoots up and then down, if you can get this move to land over the edge, your enemy will be under you, if he was on his last life, he should die first. Yoshi's suicide is very hard, it almost requires chance, you have to get hit hard enough to knock Yoshi off the edge without making him lose whoever is in his mouth, you both fall.

Giant Mario:
When playing as Mario, press L and he will grow bigger. (You can't move when big though.)

You have to have the Classic Mushroom Kingdom in Vs. mode and the Item Switch. Then go to the Item Switch and turn everything off except the bumper. Then go to Vs. Mode and pick the character Fox (I suggest you make the Comp. a level 1, then he won't mess you up). Then select the Classic Mushroom Kingdom. Wait for a bumper to appear and then grab it. Bring it over to the tunnel nearest to the top and stand a little ways from the tunnel or it won't work. Throw it up and then use your Deflector (Down B). Let it bounce back and forth until your deflector breaks. If you stood far enough away it should be hitting you and you should see a giant "Hitt" symbol and your health will increase rapidly. If you are not at 999% do it once more. This is fun for sudden death matches.

Travel in tubes:
On the Mushroom Classic Stage, go on top of a tube and press down, and you will go down the tube into a different tube.A great excape route from attacks.(Note: you can come out of the tube in the pit so press jump to get out of it.)

Item Switch options:
Play versus mode at least 50 times. This unlocks an item switch option that you take control over. Things like items and the number of times it can appear will be controllable.

Unlock Waluigi:
If you manage to get a score of you unlock Waluigi.

Make Capt. Falcoln Fart:
To make Capt. Falcon fart, go to training mode and choose him and choose Link's stage. Make sure that you have your opponet next to you. While jumping, press Down + A as you land.

Evil characters:
With anyone you can make them evil by beating the game on hard with one live using no continues. You can make Pikachu's eyes turn onto the side of his head.

Getting the mushroom kingdom arena:
Beat the game with all characters then play in every arena (you can use any settings you want)

Pikachu's easy thrasher:
If you play Vs. Mode with only 1 human player and 1 Computer Players(maybe 3 if your good enough or 1P Mode choose Pikachu as you then play at any level (Dream Land would be a good choice)with computer players at about level 4 to level 9. Then as soon as the match starts or when the opponent is asleep or can't move then go up really close to your enemy and start headbutting him by pressing A. Keep pressing A until your enemy uses his sheild then tap A as fast as you can. After a while he will have a lot of damage and his shield will be tiny. Then if it gets to small it will break! If it's Jigglypuff she will die but other players will go unconscious and start groaning. Then as quick as you can press A tap right and you'll thrash the Computer players.

More Points on 1P mode:
Only throw your opponenent and do nothing else and you will get Judo Warrior on special bonus which gives you 5000 points and throw down which gives you 2000 points!

Rich with points with using a single attack!:
On 1P mode on Pikachu's stage and fight jump over Pikachu and land on the building with a H on the top then keep on jumping to where Pikachu was on at the start to the building with the H. Then Pikachu should copy you then use quick attack if it falls between the gap and it should miss the H building then it will be paralyzed and die. If you didn't do damage to it you'll be awarded 60,000 points.(WARNING! When doing this don't fall off yourself and use B up and do damage to Pikachu if you are Pikachu you must be extra careful.) On Giant DK stage just stand still but if your Allies are in trouble help them out and if you don't do to much damage you'll get DK Defender and get 10,000 points instead of 60,000.

Kirby's killer thriller for boss:
If the boss uses an attack press B down just before he uses it and you won't get any damage! Then press B up when he's finished the attack and when he's still hurt him then when he does an attack repeat what you just did.

Yoshi's Killer thriller for boss:
Jump in the air and hold A down while in the air. If you were high enough the boss will get about 65 damage. Not too shabby.

On 1P mode on a normal round complete it within 30 seconds to get 10,000 points. Also if you press L just before your enemy dies you get 100 points.

Home Run:
Get a bat and when your next to somebody press A tap and you glow and when you hit someone it will make a loud screaming sound and they'll only get about 8 damage but there bound to die. Also Ness has a fake bat so when you press A tap with out a weapon it will scream he does 20 damage but it's unlikely that he'll die. Also A tap works with other weapons but it does not scream and does not send them flying.


Japanese version

Play as Jigglypuff (Purin):
Beatthe game with Captain Falcon on any difficulty and number of lives. Then beat Jigglypuff.

Play as Captain Falcon:
Beat the game with any character on any difficulty and number of lives. Then beat Captain Falcon.

Custom menu:
Play Yoshi VS. Kirby 100 times for multiplayer options.

Item menu (VS Mode):
Get 100 kills with any characters.


Pokemon in the Pokeballs:

The Pokemon in the Pokeballs have the following powers.

Flies off to get the rest of its hive to attack the opponent.

Blasts opponent with water spray.

Pops out and give you an item. In a second appearance, it just throws Chansey eggs.

Starts to breath fire in each direction.

Arrives and mimics one of the other available Pokemon's attacks.

Flops around trying to hurt opponent.

Comes out and flies at the opponent doing a kick attack.

Arrives and starts blasting foul smoke in the air.

Pops out and showers out coins that hurt opponent.

The special secret 151st Pokemon makes his appearance... and flies away.

Shows up, flies up top, and then boulders drop from the ceiling.

Pops out, flies up, and then comes down huge, hurting your opponent.

Finds opponent and blasts them with rays.

Just blows fire in one direction (only in Silph Co. stage).

Razor Leaf attack; leaves from this Pokemon fly at opponents (only in Silph Co. stage).

Rams you or the opponent (only in Silph Co. stage).


Keeping your opponent off the platforms:

Use the following moves when playing as the indicated character to knock your opponent off the platforms.

Mario and Luigi:
Press B to throw a fireball when they try to come back.

Press B for the PK Fire if they come near your character in the air. Your opponent will be pulled down and paralyzed once it hits.

If you are near the end of the platform, wait for your opponent to approach. Then, press B to turn them into an egg. If you are close enough to the edge, the egg will make them fall and they will not be able to get back up.

Donkey Kong:
After knocking an opponent off, press B to charge up the punch. Use the punch when they are close enough while in the air.

Press Up + B near the edge when your opponent approaches.

Press B to throw the boomerang after knocking them off the platform and they try to get close again.

Press B to keep firing the blaster.

Press B to charge up the gun, then shoot it when a knocked off opponent returns.

Jump and press B to shoot a little ball of electricity. If it hits a returning opponent, they will be paralyzed.

Captain Falcon:
Press B to use the Falcon Punch when your opponent tries to return.

Press B to use the lunging punch when a returning opponent is close enough.

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Supernova Galactic Wars v1.1 [trainer +4]
Supernova Galactic Wars v1.1.2 [trainer +1]
Supernova Galactic Wars v1.1.2 [trainer +5]
Supernova: Galactic Wars v1.00 [unlocker]
SuperPower 2 Steam Edition V1.5.1 [trainer +1]
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Superpower v1.01b [trainer +1]
Superpower v1.40 [trainer +1]
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Superstar Chefs v1.25 [trainer +3]
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Superstructure v1.0 [trainer +7]
Supreme Snowboarding [modified super boards]
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SX Superstar [PSX]
The Sims - Superstar v1.8 [trainer +5]
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